H.E.R.O.™ High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

Removes 95 to 98% of Total Dissolved Solids From Your Home's Water!

H.E.R.O.™ High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

Main features

  • Heavy duty glass filled polypropylene construction provides double the strength, toughness & durability
  • TFC 75 GPD reverse osmosis membrane provides up to 99% Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rejection
  • Pre-filters 10’’ five (5) micron Spun Polypropylene Sediment
  • Cartridge and 10’’ Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Post filter: 10’’ Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Choose from air gap or non-air gap chrome plated faucets
  • 3.0 Gallon NSF Certified plastic storage tank
  • 3/8’’ outlet tubing for higher flows
  • Automatic shut-off valve
  • Exclusive serviceable check valve eliminates spring ‘chatter’ noise common in other RO’s
  • Quick connect fittings for ease of installation
  • Dual purpose wrench for use on membrane cap and filter housing
  • Dimensions: 15.0”w x 17.7”h x 6.9”d Pump Model
  • 110V electrical required to power pump

Specs & Details

Our H.E.R.O.™ High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System provides the most convenient and economical solution for drinking water in your home. It purifies your water with virtually no waste with an over 99.9% recovery rate. Comparable systems typically waste 4-12 gallons for every gallon of RO water produced. This reverse osmosis system makes your water safe and taste great at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

  • Water on demand all the time
  • No lugging or storing heavy 40lb bottles
  • Perfect for drinking, cooking, juice, coffee, tea, ice cubes
  • Quick tank refill system
  • Pets and plants love it too!

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