665 Series Chemical-Free Iron & Sulfur Filter

Removes iron, manganese, sulfur without chemicals, air pumps, or a venturi!

665 Series Chemical-Free Iron & Sulfur Filter

Main features

  • Natural oxidation removes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide without chemicals, air pumps or a venturi
  • Low maintenance two tank system
  • Regenerates less frequently than traditional iron filters  using up to 50% less water than manganese greensand  filters
  • NSF Certified electronic control valve
  • NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tanks
  • Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter with Day
  • Override, Vacation and Calendar Clock mode
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • Unique bypass with an integrated space saving turbine meter and sample port on the inlet. One-piece design  avoids meter jamming
  • Time saving quick connect fittings on bypass
  • Quick connect drain line o-ring eliminates need for Teflon
  • Power cord even has quick connect for easy valve spin on
  • Hose clamp and 10’ of drain tubing included

Specs & Details

The 665 Series Chemical-Free Iron & Sulfur Filter uses natural oxidation to remove iron, manganese and sulfur without chemicals, air pumps or a venturi. Uses 50% less water than traditional filters.

  • Raw water passes through a compressed pocket of air in the first tank
  • The air precipitates the iron into solid form and is removed when it passes through the birm media bed in the second tank
  • The media acts as a catalyst in the reaction between iron and oxygen that causes the iron to precipitate into a solid
  • As more water passes through the unit the air becomes depleted and the media becomes loaded with the iron
  • Periodic automatic regeneration replenishes the supply of air and cleans the media of filtered iron
  • The media is not consumed making this a much more economical iron removal process

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